Sam Squared and Widget(c)


Sam is a teenage superhero in Chicago whose physical abilities are mathematically squared, relative to the average human. In battle, he sports what I would carry if I were him: shades, dual mini-Uzis, and of course, a little robot sidekick with a life and personality all his own. That’s Widget. Widget is Sam’s aforementioned sidekick. On the job, he attaches to Sam a la backpack, and his feet, which double as rocket thrusters, extend to latch onto Sam’s shoes via one of Sam’s homemade mechanisms. At home, Widget can’t help but be his own quirky self, especially over his mealtime favorites: bullets, Pepsi, chocolate, and of course, chocolate-covered Pepsi. Put together, Sam and Widget are several things: arbiters of justice, defenders of the helpless, debaters of “Quasism,” and most of all, inseparable best friends. And, ultimately, nothing could sum them up better – that friendship is the heart of it all.

Pepsi and Glass



Obby was one of the first randomological occurrences as one of Widget’s imaginative pigments (see notes on Randomogy). At the time, Widget was reading a C.S. Lewis book, and, totally unexpectedly, Obby and Mr. N (see below) popped onto the scene. Obby, like the ubiquitous shoulder-angel, is an extreme; he’s extremely humble, self-effacing, and others-focused, but (poor thing) he thinks he’s quite prideful. Mr.N, his funny little opposite, is the other half of the picture.

Pepsi and Glass

Mr. N(c)

Mr. N

Mr. N was one of the first pigments along with Obby, and as mentioned above, is Obby’s opposite extreme. He’s not quite like the ubiquitary devilishness opposite a shoulder angel, but he is a bit self-serving, and prideful (a little too much, actually). Mr. N is a big fan of mirrors, a lack of activity, and a good word his way. Then there’s Mr. N and Obby together. For Obby, making a better, more virtuous Mr. N is one of his foremost missions in life; unfortunately for Obby, it’s a tough mountain to tackle. But he’s persistent, and Mr. N isn’t totally invincible (though he is a little much, really).

Pepsi and Glass



Cam is the next instance of randomogy in action, but he’s his own indomitable self for sure. In all things, Cam seeks to live by logic–mind over matter, decision over emotion, the beach of fact, not the ocean of feeling. He diligently attempts stolidness, and has a tendency to lecture, if not lambaste when he’s angry, those who don’t properly stay “on the beach”. With Sam, Widget, Obby and Mr.N, and three ninjas, he makes the teaching circuit pretty frequently (the others think a bit too frequently).

Pepsi and Glass

The Trilogy of Winged Ninjas(c)


(From left to right: Pépin, Jack, and Hàyu)

The last, but certainly not the least by any means, of the pigments are the ninjas–the Trilogy of Winged Ninjas to be particular. As ninjas, they’re quite skilled in both open and guerilla combat techniques, but they also have a few of there own nonpariels: their size, and their wings. They’re a bit unexplained, as all randomological occurences are, but like all the others of Widget’s pigments, they’re absolutely inimitable. First comes Jack, the leader of the Trilogy. Unlike his small size, his large heart and congenial strength make him an apt and respected leader, and he, Pépin, and Hàyu form a tight unit. The next ninja, Pépin, is French…sort-of. Pépin’s vernacular is a prime example of the oddities of randomogy; it’s mostly English, but with a French-ish accent, and a bunch of French addends. He’s adventurous and a tad whimsically intense, and can usually be found with, or sitting on top of, Widget. Hàyu rounds out the Trilogy, but he’s definitely not any third-man. Hayu’s the resident guru, and amidst the hustle and bustle of life at the Chicago high-riser of a super and sidekick, always finds a way to insert some cogent widsom. Together with Jack and Pépin, all three form quite a trio–or trilogy; life as a small winged ninja, you see, has quite a story to tell.

Pepsi and Glass


6 Responses to “The Characters”

  1. Micah said

    I love your ideas Sam, I can’t wait to see the strips.

  2. Lisa said

    Original and interesting. I like the math references and the play with words like the use of “pigment” vs. “figment”. A world of difference between two letters. Just not sure how to square Sam’s diet with his intelligence! Might he be a teen superhero?

  3. samsalo said

    Hi there ya’ll,
    Thanks for the comments! Yes, he’s a teen-ish superhero; I haven’t closely defined things such as age, height, weight, etc. yet as I, at this point, don’t really want to limit him to any particular number/stat/category. He is around my age, though…
    Sam’s diet? You mean Widget’s? Widget’s is certainly interesting…probably a bit too much Pepsi for his own good, but evidently, he can handle it (and the chocolate too, of course).
    Thanks again!

  4. samsalo said

    Skip the italics above, by the way; it was intended to surround “is”, not the rest of the comment…

  5. Susan said

    Hey, Sam, MA pointed me this way.

    Wow, this has come so far since those strips I hunted and harried you into showing to me! (which, on thinking back to it, I might have done more tactfully.)
    Sam’s big shoes are great and Wiget has so much personality.
    Primero Dios!

  6. missmaribeth said

    Quite the eclectic cast that you’ve formed here, Sam.

    I love Widget’s little buddies! They’re ALMOST as cute as he is. I still need an explanation for why you stole Cam’s name, though…

    And I’m curious about the winged ninjas. Are we going to see them in a strip sometime soon?

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