Sam and Widget broaden their vocabulary and explore the bodacious with a game of Scrabble


Jack and 24 have some down time, but 24 can\'t seem to stand Jack\'s methods...

what IS love?

A New Character!

June 25, 2008



As you might can tell, 24 fits in with three of the others–Cam, Obby, and Mr. N.  There is, of course, a method to the oddity of his name, which is indeed 24 (but all in good time!).  24 is one fired up little guy; no foe is too big for a one-on-one, and while he’s at it, a one-on-one with a much too big foe would fit in with his idea of recreation quite well.  24 carries a flame thrower–that is, of sorts–which runs on a certain type of fuel and, instead of fire, spews flaming color.  (What, you say?  That’s what Sam and Widget said at first too.)   24 can usually be found hounding after some action, playing Monopoly with Cam, Obby, Mr. N, and/or a ninja or two, or whacking a passerby on the head out of sheer boredom.  One thing’s for sure: foes, villains, monopoly, or throwing color, 24 can’t help but make the scene all that much more intense and exciting.

24 would sure like to go on the job with Sam and Widget, but first, he has to prove his metal a bit to make the cut...


Note to those who’ll find this note obvious as to whom I’m addressing it (whatever all that means):
I know, a new character, and it’s not a sister.  No fear!  Much more than that is currently in the works…

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