Sam Am I

Sam is me, the creator, maintainer, and happy parent of all of the singularly Samish cast of Sam Squared and Widget. As a photographer, cartoonist, general philosopher, and lover of superheroes and a good story, Sam and Widget is the perfect match–I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. Of course, there was a beginning, and a method, to the madness, and fittingly, the majority of it (the beginning) came in the genius that is Calvin and Hobbes. A few years ago for Christmas I received the primo comic de stripo enchilada du jour, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. It was the consummate work of Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, and it ultimately sparked my dream–to do a comic strip of my own. Only a month or so later, the idea that became the genesis of Sam Squared and Widget was hatched, and little did I know, but my dream was under way in a totally unplanned fashion. Now, after over two years of hard work, character development, and honing my art, Sam Squared and Widget has finally found its way to the web. And, Lord willing, it’ll find its way to all sorts of mediums–comic strip, graphic novel, comic book: there are so many stories I want to tell!


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