Sam Squared and Widget(C), by Sam Salo

August 11, 2008

Sam and Widget broaden their vocabulary and explore the bodacious with a game of Scrabble


4 Responses to “Sam Squared and Widget(C), by Sam Salo”

  1. Maribeth said

    Wow! A most bodacious strip, indeed…it fairly jumps off the screen!

    I am once again amazed at how much your art has improved in such a short amount of time. The level of detail here is most impressive. (I’m guessing you drew this in the yellow room/artist’s studio? The table, chairs, and plates on the wall all look rather familiar.)

    Sam has a bit of a new look going here, yes? I especially like the back view in the second panel.

    One question: how on earth does Widget pick up Scrabble tiles with those hands of his?

  2. Mary Anna said

    I love it! The strip is very funny and very well done.
    Great job on the dialogue and the development of the idea.

  3. Susan said


    I know where that table came from!
    …but maybe I should say something complimentary…
    That’s not hard! I really like the change in angles;
    you did well with orienting the ‘onlooker’ and didn’t
    ‘cross The Line’ (whatever The Line is called exactly
    I don’t remember, but you knwo what I mean.)
    And I also like Sam2’s expression in pannel 3; ‘doing
    the eyebrow-thing,’ as K says, works well. Could his eyebrows
    be soother, though, to match his eyes??
    Widget is wonderfully quirky and expressive a usual.

    Good work!

  4. Sam Am I said

    Hey all, thanks much for the comments! As always, (and I’m doomed to be redundant, because it’s the truth), I appreciate them greatly; they mean much to me personally.

    First, and perhaps only, time I’ll see you write “bodacious”? That’s a new one, Sis2! And thanks for the encouragement; improving one’s art is a tedious, laborious process, but it always turns out to be worth the final product. As for Widget, I dunno…you should ask him, perhaps. He’s deft with his hand-doodads, you know.

    Woot, you! Thanks for the most kind words, sister! I must say, sis, that you’re quite bodacious, but certainly, certainly not in any sort of g-narly manner ;).

    Yes…as you might can tell, the props (read: domestic environment) of Sam and Widget and the “motley crew” have a direct relation to my own digs. It’s by far the simpler way to go to draw off of what you can know and see, and, obviously, my own home would be the point of reference for a lot of such things.

    And btw…K speaks of “the eyebrow thing”? Tell K, as she is called, to comment by here sometime…
    I’m still waiting for that comment; even one, one, twelve-letter word would do…

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