Sam Squared and Widget (C): Future

July 7, 2008


One Response to “Sam Squared and Widget (C): Future”

  1. Susan said

    Hey there,

    This is turning into quite the motley crew.
    Why hadn’t I heard about 24 until now?
    Well, no… I haven’t looked at your site
    in a month…

    Well, anyway; I like him.
    I hope Sam2 gives him some lessons
    in etiquette, though.
    –Colorfy-ing people for no reason but boredom?
    Really. Sam2’s going to have it tough if he plans
    to ever have a well-oiled crime-fighting team.
    …I think that’s the plan…

    I really like the hand.
    It has great depth.
    …but I’m a little worried about what
    has happened to the rest of this unfortunant person.

    See y’all,

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