Sam Squared and Widget (C), by Sam Salo

June 11, 2008

From January ’08 syndicate submission (part 3 of 4)

Sam cooks eggs, via Widget; Widget worries all the while...

an injury, named after them, like Achilles?  Yessir!


taking academics to a whole new dimension...


Widget waxes lugubriously poetic; Sam, you see, has put the cap on Widget\'s Pepsi intake...


Sam Squared and Widget discuss philosophy, or rather, pseudo-philosophy...or quasi-philosophy...


Widget, art, and Pepsi; a potent combination, but one which appears to lack financial backing...



One Response to “Sam Squared and Widget (C), by Sam Salo”

  1. missmaribeth said

    First comment!

    #1 I’m still not crazy about the new eyebrows (I can be stubborn about this kind of stuff!) but I have to admit that the new version of this strip is better. I actually – believe it or not – opened a second browser window to compare them. I don’t know the technical artsy words to use, but I can see the difference.

    #2 I think a person would have to know you personally to truly appreciate this one…

    #3 Another one of my favorites! Widget’s poems (and poses) are so much fun.

    #4 Sam looks really short in this one for some reason.

    #5 This one’s so cute! I especially like the second panel. You’ve really managed to build a believable relationship between these two.

    #6 Okay, I’m going to show my girliness here: why on earth do they have a microwave! And only ONE cupboard? And where’s the refridgerator? Methinks Sam’s kitchen needs remodeling. However, background aside, I like this one. It’s full of great little details, like the Uzi on the table and the Pepsi Widget’s sipping as he cooks breakfast.

    It appears you only have one more post of syndicate submission comics. Does that mean we get new ones next week? *fingers crossed*


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