Sam Squared and Widget(C), by Sam Salo

June 10, 2008

From January ’08 syndicate submission (part 2 of 4)

To them who do read this, and whilst reading on this website, guffaw, laugh, chuckle, mummur, groan, sob, or call 911: Love them comments!  I know I haven’t gotten back to every last one, but know that I’m reading all of them thoughtfully and enjoying them as I do so.  Thanks for your kindness in visiting this place, ya’ll; it means a ton, really!


Sam Squared and Widget discuss the ancient art of origami; Widget, well, demonstrates... 

Sam Squared and Widget, academia, and a tough brow...


Sam Squared just can\'t find his other mini-uzi.  Widget just can\'t digest it...


Widget cooks up some bullets and fuel, which usually doesn\'t work...


Widget, gas connoisseur!


Hah!  Maribeth!  Gotcha!


5 Responses to “Sam Squared and Widget(C), by Sam Salo”

  1. Sam said

    First comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy…all that laughing, especially dressed up as a mad scientist (these robes stain easily), is really exhausting. Man…


  2. missmaribeth said

    Apparently you did read my “gazillion” comments. 😉

    Widget wonders about the oddest things… For some reason, this one reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing! This just seemed like something that Calvin might do.

    Love the vocabulary!

    This one’s a classic. I adore Widget’s guilty expression…the dialogue is fantastic…both are very “in character”. Bravo!

    This one doesn’t quite agree with my feminine sensibilities.

    Sam’s legs look odd in this one. The way his left foot is twisted looks extremely uncomfortable. But his facial expression is great! And I love Widget’s pose. I like the way he’s holding the pencil. Too often, when people create characters without fingers, there is no good explanation for how they can hold things. You prove to us that Widget’s “hands” really do work.

    Widget’s tough guy pose in the second panel is fantastic!

    Hah, I beat Susan! Of course, her comments will doubtless be far more astute than mine…


  3. Micah said

    Wow you’ve improved so much in a few months.

    The operaters are suposed to know everything.
    BTW why do you have that little knob thingy at the end of the phone on two of the panals

    I love widgets expression in the third panal

    You might want to have the I concur in a different bubble just so we know in which order to read them in.

    I like how widgets lieing on the ground in pain.

    So does Sam usually slouch?

    BTW I was wondering if your goal with Widget is to eventially make him the new face of pepsi?


  4. Sam said

    Quick note to Micah–

    Lol, interesting Q regarding Widget. I’d love to have something like that happen (with both of them), but first and foremost, Sam Squared and Widgets the characters are the aim and focus. Pepsi became Widget’s drink of choice after my fandom of Jeff Gordon; business deals would be awesome, but nothing, nothing, nothing takes precedence over the characters and stories themselves. (And don’t get me wrong–I don’t mind the question at all.) Thanks for the comments my friend!


  5. Susan said

    Oh dear me, Now it’ll be the battle over who can post first.

    Well, I agree with most, and possibly all of what MB said.
    (–you know, “MB” as opposed to “MA”) 😉

    #1 A cute flipside of the stereotypical conversation-with-an-opperator.

    #2 🙂 I love his facial expressions, the way he holds his pencil, and all the “-ation”s.

    #3 Is that table a Frank Loyd Wright style?
    –or does it just look short?
    Poor Widget, he looks so penatent.

    #4 “doesn’t quite agree with my feminine sensibilities”, but
    Sam2’s expressions are good.

    #5 That’s quite the evil look coming from Sam2… and his foot
    does look uncomfortable. …I really like the play on words
    (or is it plays on words…?)

    #6 Ah, there are the famous dumbbell-thingys,
    Widget’s classic missunderstanding, etc. Great!

    Widget’s fuzzy eyebrows are still bothering me,
    but all-in-all the strips are really cool.
    And they still interact better than the characters
    of any strip I can think of.
    (Incidentally that excludes Calvin & Hobbes because
    I’ve never seen enough of it to have an ample amount
    of it in my memory for ‘cogent analyzation’.)


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