June 9, 2008

Hey all my raving fans (it’s not “rabid fans”, is it?  Wait…),

Today, or between today and tomorrow, I shall do my valiant best to post quite a few strips; hopefully, ten or more. 

Stay tuned (throwback to my xangan days of vapidity)!



3 Responses to “Updateadatudinus”

  1. Susan said

    It might well be ‘rabid’, Sam,
    if you use the second deffinition,
    but raving might…well…
    “enthusiastic”and “earnest”
    might fit better than either…

    ;D S

  2. Sam said

    Heh heh, right on. Enthused and earnest it is–raving and rabid, especially as regards gerbils, are too Samish (me Sam) to avoid. My friends, of course, are far from rabid. Me? That’s another question entirely…

    Har! Sew you commented! And like one gilllionerish times! Widget’s eyebrows aren’t changing, though…


  3. Sam said

    Plus, Maribeth of the Pipkorns, they (the eyebrows) are consistent with the rest of the little characters.

    And you doubted me.
    Shame, MB, shame…

    For Chicago! *cue battle music*

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