Sam Squared and Widget(C), by Sam Salo

June 9, 2008

From January ’08 syndicate submission (1 of 4 parts)

Sam Squared and Widget over the streets of Chicago, dodging a bullet or two as they go...


Sam Squared and Widget are confused, stumped, dare I say, over an odd occurence on Ohio Street.


Pillow fights, Sam Squared and Widget style...


Widget is pumped! A new day, more adventure, life on the job with Sam...good stuff!


Widget gets stumped on a crossword puzzle, and Sam finds it a bit odd that Widget hasn\'t yet found the answer...


 Widget imbibes Pepsi, chocolate, and chocolate covered Pepsi; Sam looks on...


2 Responses to “Sam Squared and Widget(C), by Sam Salo”

  1. Susan said

    😀 First things first: #1 (going up)

    Would it be safe to say that if you ever
    want to throw a “young Sam2” in this would
    be a great strip to get his face from?
    Even Widget looks younger…

    #2 the style’s looking more recent
    but–oh I know what’s making Widg. look
    young…it’s his eyebrows.
    They’re cute, and no mistake, but the more
    recent look is much apreciated.
    Great story line & dialouge.

    #3 That enthusiasm about something other than
    pepsi is nice to see coming from Widget.
    I like this one.
    Doesn’t he look a little too mean in panels 2 & 3?

    #4 I did not think “pillowfight” until I
    got to to that very word. I like the —
    could I call it a surprise ending? — very much.
    the graphics might need a little clean-up, though…???

    #5 Classic Sam2-Widget conversation.
    I like the feeling of a realy good friendship
    that’s between Sam & Widg.
    I’m thinking, though, that Sam2’s smile in
    panels 1 & 2 might need…umm…improvement?

    and #6 I like the panel configuation, the background,
    the play on words, Sam2’s Uzzies (or however you
    spell that) –I’ve never seen those before now by the way–,
    the great fun that he obviously gets out of doing summersalts,
    and the movement–I can just see him dropping down, turning
    head-over-heals and shooting-down the villain who was so unlucky
    as to miss Sam2 with all those bullets-on-steriods…yeah.
    I like it… except that Sam2 looks to be about ten years old,
    in which case he’s in trouble for using such firepower in an
    urban area…

    I’m amazed that these are just from January
    (no offense to them) –you’ve improved so much!
    …I wish my drawing would do that, but I don’t
    work on it like I should, so we’re even.


  2. missmaribeth said

    I’ve seen these ones before (in fact, a copy of them reposes in my file drawer as I type this) but I like them! Especially the pillow fight…that remains one of my favorites.

    (And I find your little descriptions of each strip most amusing; I find myself hovering the cursor over each one to find out what you had to say about it.)

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