Sam Squared and Widget (C), by Sam Salo

June 4, 2008

Sam Squared and Widget suffer from a lack of sleep, or at least, a bit of it...


7 Responses to “Sam Squared and Widget (C), by Sam Salo”

  1. Micah said

    Is Sam wearing sun glasses? I think it would be best (if he’s wearing sun glasses) to make the sun glasses a little more distinct. So did Widget burn up the pegs?

  2. Sam said

    Yep, sunglasses it is. Good idea…I’ll hafta revise it a bit.

    As for the wording, I need to revise it too..
    I sorta did this one fly-by-wire, and it needs a bit more work before I put it up for good.

    Thanks for the comment bud!

  3. Susan said

    That’s a very good sleepy-Widget look and
    Sam2 definitely looks annoyed. Great!

    Hmm…Sam2 can’t be quite perfect; he needs things
    to work through…what’s your thought-track
    about name calling? (Mt 5:21-22)

    LOL the sunglasses do need a little work–
    good idea though — but what will they do to his hair? ;D

  4. Sam said

    Hey you faithful commenters,

    Man, I really appreciate the comments ya’ll! As I’ve got to the near-and-ready stage for the strip, I’ve realized that I need to fine-tune, tweak it here and there, before I really put it out there. All the comments and critiques have been invaluable, and you should keep your thoughts coming.

    Micah and Susan:
    Yep, the sunglasses need work… I need a picture of mine on me, is what I need, and the hair does have to do something… No fear, shall be fixed!

    Intersting comment about name-calling; I hadn’t thought of that, and after double checking my MacArthur study bible, I find that I’m leaning towards your POV. In addition, after thinking about who Sam and Widget really are (and at this point, they are fully developed characters), I think that this strip might be a bit inconsistent with their true characters. I’ll probably not use this strip in the final tally, but for what it’s worth, the comments on it were surely valuable; all in all, a worthwhile endeavor, as it turned out, to do this strip.

    Thanks a million ya’ll!

  5. Sam said

    And btw, all of you, whoever might read this comment–
    I need to check out your work, too! I’m discovering that such appreciation and critiquing at an early stage in the game is absolutely terrific for one’s work, be it writing, drawing, etc. So, whatever you might have out there (and there are at least three of you who have your artistic and literary gems hidden away), I’d like to see ’em…

  6. Mary Anna said

    I love the allusion to Matthew Arnold!

  7. missmaribeth said

    Widget looks like he’s standing, not sitting, on Sam’s shoulders in this one. If he’s really so tired, wouldn’t he want to sit down?

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