Sam Squared and Widget (C), by Sam Salo

June 3, 2008

Sam Squared and Widget catch a moment atop the Chicago skyline whilst discussing Widget\'s latest track of thought.


4 Responses to “Sam Squared and Widget (C), by Sam Salo”

  1. Susan said


    Cool buildings. I like the angle. A lot.

    Sam2 has a very good understanding of
    Widget to take his ironic comments on
    society in the right light, but maybe
    the general public (not being blessed
    with such understanding) would need a
    negative cue to point-out to them that
    the reality is that Widget’s ‘idea’
    isn’t good–?
    Again, though, I really like their interaction,
    expressions, etc.

  2. Sam Salo said

    Hiya MA and Susan,
    Yes, you’re right, and that’s something I’m in the midst of adjusting (Sam’s cues, verbal interactions, etc.). I haven’t translated Sam’s personality, which is quite verbal, unique, and quirky in his own way, very well into the comic strip format yet. I’ve had his character scoped out in my head for quite a long time now, and I made the mistake of assuming too much on the reader’s half of things. Never fear; Sam has much to say!
    And the Chicago pictures you (Susan) have, I’d definitely like to see them. Google earth isn’t the be all and end all…

    I realized that I haven’t answered your question about Widget’s ear doodads yet… I think that at the time Pepsi played a strong role in the determination of the hues, but that was a bit ago… At any rate, they’re most likely set for good, although I’m always, as usual, open to ideas and suggestion. The voice of the people is taken with willing hands around here!

    About the Sears Tower drawing:
    Sam leaning on something…? He and Widget are sitting atop the sears tower in that Sunday one a few days below the current one; as far as leaning, he’s just chillin’, really…

    You go, sis! Woots for you! (My sis gets special treatment, is what she gets 😉 )

  3. Micah said

    Oh I see it now but origonaly it looked like his feet were on the ground and he was leaning against the wall.

  4. missmaribeth said

    I like the Widget/Sam pose here.

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