Sam Squared and Widget (C), by Sam Salo

June 2, 2008

Widget, a meal, and bit of Shakespeare.


12 Responses to “Sam Squared and Widget (C), by Sam Salo”

  1. Mary Anna said

    I claim the privilege of being the first to comment on your site!
    Anyway…Fantastic paraphrase of the witchs’ speech from Macbeth.
    I love widget’s little foot heating up his “cauldron” of
    pepsi and uzi bullets.
    Good facial expressions too.

  2. Micah said

    I like this one the best so far out of the ones I’ve seen. I especially like the lines on the bottom half. Also one other question do you automatically post the comments on both web sites?

  3. Susan said

    Hey, third comment takes all today;
    I’ll make it a wrap with this one.
    First: could/should I comment on all
    the strips here, or shoot off an email?
    Second: I’ll second what I said about
    their eyes being really expressive
    (especially Widget’s.)
    Thrid, I’m not quite sure what to think
    about the self-color-changing background.
    A penny for you thoughts behind doing that!
    Fourth: Sam2’s very serene in the last panel…
    wouldn’t the mess, smell, heat, or wonderfully-
    well-done hillarity of Wdget’s expressions have
    triggered something with more vivacity? I bet it would
    if have MA were in the panel…(grin)
    Fifth: I said before that there was kinda an Asian
    feel to some of the strips–scrap that
    (except for the ninjas {for now}); I think it’s
    all Sam–your classic unclassifiable quirky American–
    who (I hope) will keep his faith and his high standards
    going strong in his strips.


    PS: I say alot more about what I think here than in
    your livingroom with MA and the gang, don’t I?
    That’s because I from here I can torture you without
    feeling guilty… No, not really. I’m already
    worrying about having said too much.
    Oh, and what’s the correct terminology for talking about
    all this stuff? “strips”, “comics”, “panels”? I don’t
    really know what I’m talking about.
    Please forgive any foibles!

  4. Jonathan said

    Well done Sam, I’d like to know how long it took you to think up those lines. I have to agree with Susan about the eyes, the emotions you conveyed through them, especially Widgets, was one of the earliest things that impressed me about the strips. I can look at a strip without any dialogue and start laughing just because of Widgets expressions. Seeing things in color is quite interesting, and I’m not quite sure what I think of Widgets red and blue coloration, obviously inspired by his propensity towards Pepsi, correct? Another things I’ve noticed with the comics you have so far is that we get a good feel for Widgets character, but Sam seems to be slightly absenty as far as dialogue and character developement goes. I’m wondering why’s that the case, and do you plan on bringing Sam out more? Widget is hilarious as always, but are we going to see Sam’s humorous side or do you have a different purpose for his character. I plan on commenting on the other strips as I have time. Great work buddy, keep it up.


  5. Sam Salo said

    Hey Ya’ll! Thanks much for the comments, critiques, opinions, and all else offered; as I said in the email, they’re more appreciated than you can imagine.

    The two domain names ( and both lead to the same end (here). I puchased both in case future searchers (hopefully there’ll be some of those!) decided to go one way or the other…might as well have all the bases covered!

    Emails, comments…not a right or wrong. I do, however, like to see the numbers of the comments grow(!) (Something to do with endorphins, maybe…).
    The backgrounds? Hmm… Intersting. They’re off of Calvin and Hobbes, which does such things with the bg’s quite frequently. I might’ve gone overboard, and as always, opinions are requested, and vital to the tweaking of the strip.
    And Sam’s expression: hmm… I’ll have to think that over…
    And lastly: “comic strips” should fit the bill just fine. Panels are the individual squares that compose the strip. Really, though, there’s no rule on it all…

    Thanks ya’ll! Keep it coming!

  6. Sam Salo said

    And Jonathan, wherever the comment went that you left:
    Lol, thanks for pointing that out, bud! I realized that the picture I have of Sam and Widget is one whose scope entails several decades, and many stories and plot lines (admittedly, I dream a bit big, perhaps :-)); Sam really and truly is a quirky, verbal, unique and totally Sam-ish character, and yes, he’s going to get an equal share of the dialogue, stories, etc. In fact, tomorrow should be a good day to have Sam in the forefront…
    Thanks so much for the kind words, Jonathan; keep em’ coming!

  7. Sam Salo said


    The comments, keep them coming, I meant… I wasn’t trying to blatantly solicit good words my way…

  8. Mary Anna said

    I second Jonathan’s comment on developing Sam2 further.

  9. Micah said

    I think the color backround would look better if you only used a max of 3 colors in one strip.


  10. Sam said

    Hmm, yes… I think you’re onto something there Micah…

  11. missmaribeth said

    This one might be my favorite so far. I love the Shakespeare, Widget’s facial expressions, and his cooking method. I also like the colorful backgrounds…but that’s just me…

    And I have to disagree with Susan about Sam’s expression in the last panel. My dad got that exact same look on his face yesterday when I started ranting about “Queen Susan the Gentle” fighting in PC.

  12. Susan said

    Or else you could create a setting that
    would have different colored walls…
    You know, start putting together a
    Sam2 world… –?
    that would orient the reader.
    …and then (unless you wanted MA to
    redecorate things –in-story, that is) you
    wouldn’t have to worry about what color a
    certain background woud be.
    Of course, I’m not thinking this out very far,
    so it may be more trouble than it’s worth
    –depending on your style.

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