Test Post

April 8, 2008


To the few friends who might be checking this site every so often, I’ll be in the process of updating, tweaking, editing, etc., for a another week or so. In addition, I’ll be “stockpiling”, if you will, a bunch of art for the strips so that I can get a month or so ahead of schedule. This will, of course, delay the official “launch” (when I try to broadcast the site’s presence to all of mankind…tough task!), but step-by-step seems to be the order of the day. In the meantime, I’ll be preparing a better, more able, environment in which to launch it; after all, I gotta be prepared!



PS-Yes, it will get going; I don’t plan on an infinite series of delays. It seems, however, that with each step I take with Sam Squared and Widget, the step becomes multi-faceted, and overall, a bit more that I thought it would be. Whatever the case, I keep on learning that if I’m really, Lord willing, going to get Sam and Widget out there, it’s gonna take work; of course, it’s the best work I could imagine! So, tally ho!


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